Israeli Legislative Elections, 2015

Israel elections 2015

Early elections for the twentieth Knesset will be held in Israel on 17 March.



The 120 seats in the Knesset are elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency. (To read more about the Israeli political parties within the Knesset, click below.)

Israeli parties

Israeli parties

Let’s agree together for a governing body in Israel that will establish a security to her people and borders.

Father, we pray for Israel as she goes to elections, and protect her citizens as they go to the polls on Tuesday. Continue to secure Israel and borders from the evil plans and strategies of terror and destruction. Bless Israel today and make her strong and very courageous against all her enemies.

Father, bless the Body of Messiah in Israel — Jews, Arabs and Christians. Strengthen their hands and the good work they are doing for Your Kingdom. Give them boldness and great courage. May Your praises be strong within her.

Israel, God is FOR  you, and He is mighty to save and deliver you.

Father, bless Your people… the ones you call ‘My inheritance,’ for the glory of Your name, amen.

Israelis go to the polls, Tuesday, March 17.

Israelis go to the polls, Tuesday, March 17.

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  1. the clock of the world is Israel, what ever happen with them will impact the world. As I get this news, I intercede and pray for this amazing God’s nation. thanks for sharing!


  2. thank You Yahway for Your answer! Your people, Your land, forever!

    Hallelujah to the King!

    On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 4:57 PM, The King’s Highway ::: Ron & Carol


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