How Does God Speak?

Tiffany Peacock

Stained glass peacock by Tiffany

How does God speak? A couple of weeks before leaving for Jordan  I nearly hit a peacock in the highway as I was driving to church. Turning on a secondary street toward church I nearly hit another peacock. What???? This definitely got my attention.

Then, as Carol and I arrived at the San Francisco Airport to leave for Jordan, the San Francisco Museum of Art was doing a major exhibit by Tiffany, the famous stained-glass window artist. The main advert for the exhibit is a 12-ft.-high peacock in Tiffany stained-glass. Peacocks? again? This caught my full attention. I pay attention to such things as they become sign posts along our way.

On our journey through Jordan, Carol and I spent about 2 hours searching for the small ancient village of Rihab–site of the oldest church ever uncovered in the region. Driving around the hills of north Jordan, we decided to stop for coffee. To our surprise, the man making our coffee took about 20 minutes. But we have learned to relax with such delays and have come to appreciate the perfect timing of God’s leading.


I began to inquire of the village elders sitting in the coffee shop sipping their hot steaming cups of coffee about the ancient church ruins. One of the elders made a quick cell phone call and soon a young man arrived at the shop. He was the only one in the village with the keys to the gate! 

We arrive at the site just the short time span in which two archaeologists were showing three people around the ruins. Had we come earlier–even 5 minutes–we would have missed them.

Ministry of Antiquities guides

Ministry of Antiquities guides

One of the archaeologists  stooped down to the sandy ground and brushed away the layer of protective sand spread over a beautiful mosaic floor and uncovers two peacocks. Peacocks?? What?? I began to laugh and tell the story of how I almost hit the two peacocks on the road near my home.

One of the ladies standing by began to cry and she began to tell her story. God had always used peacocks — in some way– to tell her how much He loved her. At this testimony, Carol took her in her arms and began to minister to her the Father’s deep love. More weeping.

Mosaic floor of a church at Rihab Jordan

ancient Mosaic floor of the church with peacocks at Rihab, Jordan

The day was timed perfectly by God, but we were unaware of the carefully orchestrated details He had planned out.  What a glorious day of God’s perfect leading!

Watch for signposts of God confirming your way.

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  1. Do we know yet though what the Peacocks mean?

    And what were they doing in Rio Vista on the highway and in Vacaville near the Church!!!!

    So what was G-d saying?




  2. Ron & Carol, I especially love peacocks and am blessed to work down the street from many of them. who wander my way. It is not uncommon to look out the window and find them showing off their beauty in the yard. Peacocks were popular in Orthodox and Catholic churches as a symbol of renewal, rebirth and resurrection, for the eye on the feathers represented the “all seeing God”. Peacocks also symbolize Guidance, Protection, Nobility, Holiness and Guidance. They are a symbol of integrity, for one “shows his true colors”.


  3. Marilyn Anderson Riordan

    Loving your photo journal! Your ministry is amazing and appreciated. Thank you so much for sharing. God’s blessings to you both!


  4. Brought tears to my heart. That is so Him! We are so fortunate that He made us appreciative of His beautiful creation, because of this we are able to feel so much closer and intimate to Him as well as not boring and open minded to the full spectrum He has in mind. I am sure there is more to come about the Peacock saga.


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