Egypt will Know the Lord

Christians on the streets of Cairo

Amidst all the chaos, angry and violent responses initiated by Islamists, they will in the end be unsuccessful. Their activities must always be measured against God’s full intentions for the people of Egypt of whom He says: “Egypt will KNOW the Lord” (be on intimate terms) and “Blessed be Egypt My people (Is. 19).” There are only two nations of God possess as His own: Israel and Egypt. Nothing will stand in the way of God restoring Egypt to her full inheritance.

Now just look at these faces of Egyptians who KNOW Him…

Continue to pray for Egypt from this position–what God has declared will be for the people of this ancient nation.

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  1. Time and space are our imagined limitations: actually they are not, therefore we can stand with these Egyptians through the open door of faith and proclaim the opposite spirit of Islam in that land. That will in fact scramble all the internal efforts of the enemy camp sending their intentions spiraling off the charts. Enemy forces are turned upside down at the faith of the believers. We stood moments ago and declared great things for you Egypt. Great things.


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